Manifest Destiny, hardback supplement for Sins


Manifest Destiny, hardback supplement for Sins

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Manifest Destiny, hardback supplement for Sins

“The first expansion to the Award-Winning, supernatural post-apoc roleplaying game!

America Rises from the Ashes.

America lies silent and empty; a vast wasteland, its people scattered and hunted. As far as the people of the East Coast know, they are the only survivors – the last bastion of humanity in a dying world – but they are wrong. The darkness is passing, and humanity is far more resilient than they imagine. Yet as a new America looks to rebuild itself after the Fall, old powers are stirring and the human evils of Old America are re-emerging.

As Eldritch powers expand their domains and long-forgotten nightmares stir in the ashes of the Fall, it falls to the Nemissaries, and the new generations of the continent, to forge a better future. A new era is beginning, and despite the struggles of the Fall, the sins of the old world must not be allowed to repeat themselves again.

Welcome to Sins: Manifest Destiny. This book is an expansion to the Sins: The Roleplaying Game Core Book which expands upon the East Coast of America, but also opens up a whole new frontier, giving detailed information on the American interior, along with new powerful factions, and terrible new foes.

  • Expanded character options for humans and Nemissaries, with a wealth of new Qualities and Equipment. –
  • New Faction-specific rules and character options for Factions both new and currently existing, along with profiles for some of the most powerful and influential Nemissaries amongst those Factions. –
  • Rules for incorporating Vehicles into the game including detailed Traits and vehicular combat rules. –
  • An in-depth look at Radiation in the world of Sins, including rules for nuclear weaponry and a deadly new enemy in the form of the Blightspawn. –
  • An expanded look at the Harbingers and their role in the setting, as well as a horrifying new enemy in the form of the Cult of the Lost Children. –
  • Expanded rules and options for the nightmarish Hivespawn, and a glimpse at the true threat facing humanity. –
  • A look into the nature of the Reapers, with rules and gameplay advice to incorporate the Reaper known as Blacklight into games.

Atone for the Sins of the old world,

and build a better future.”

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