Larry Niven Collection – Nine Books by Larry Niven


Larry Niven Collection – Nine Books by Larry Niven

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Larry Niven Collection – Nine Books by Larry Niven


A collection of novels and anthologies spanning Niven’s career.



The World of Ptavvs (paperback, GOOD condition)

“Larry Greenberg’s telepathic tendencies had been trained and developed to a critical level. The trouble was that if these psychic interchanges were strong enough, a man could end up not knowing who he really was. But when Larry’s mind is taken over by an alien force, he has to fight to retain his sanity – and divert a disaster that threatens all mankind.

And when Larry’s mind is taken over by a sinister alien force, he has to fight to retain his sanity – and divert a disaster that threatens all mankind…”

This was Niven’s first novel, first published in 1966.


Ringworld (paperback, GOOD condition)

“Pierson’s puppeteers, strange, three-legged, two-headed aliens, have discovered an immense structure in a hitherto unexplored part of the universe. Frightened of meeting the builders of such a structure, the puppeteers set about assembling a team consisting of two humans, a puppeteer and a kzin, an alien not unlike an eight-foot-tall, red-furred cat, to explore it. The artefact is a vast circular ribbon of matter, some 180 million miles across, with a sun at its centre – the Ringworld. But the expedition goes disastrously wrong when the ship crashlands and its motley crew faces a trek across thousands of miles of the Ringworld’s surface.”

Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards.


The Man Kzin Wars (with Poul Anderson & Dean Ing, paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“Man and Kzin – two aggressive species, each believing in its own supremacy. After the initial contact, centuries of war stretched between them, every new outbreak being sparked off by the Kzin, warlike, feline aliens who just couldn’t believe that these seemingly weak humans could defeat them again and again.

Here are three tales of those wars, from that first contact to a later, happier contact between man and kzin. Three stories by Larry Niven, Poul Anderson and Dean Ing, which mark the progress of one of the mightiest conflicts in the history of Known Space.”


Tales of Known Space (paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“Larry Niven’s kaleidoscopic history of the next ten thousand years!

Earth 2100, where the stored organs of criminals grant the taxpayer eternal life and cetaceans prosecute former whaling nations in the U.N.

In Known Space, things are unfolding just as strangely – on the colonised planets of Jinx, We Made It, Mount Lookithat and Wunderland.

Tales of Known Space: the fruit of a decade spent in writing brilliant SF from the bestselling author of Neutron Star, Ringworld and Protector.”


N-Space (paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“On an L.A. talk show Arthur C. Clarke was once asked to name his favorite writer. His answer was “Larry Niven.” Countless others agree. The Baltimore Sun and Kirkus Reviews have both dubbed Niven “the premier writer of hard SF,” and Gregory Benford has hailed him as “the paradigm of SF personality of the last several decade.”

Now Larry Niven presents us with his undisputed masterwork. N-Space contains, very simply, the best SF of his career–marvelous fiction, a wealth of anecdotes and gossip, plus Niven’s own special brand of wit and excitement.”


Inconstant Moon (paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“Seven brilliant short stories by the award-winning author of Ringworld.

INCONSTANT MOON: a moon so bright could mean only one thing. The sun had gone nova.

DEATH BY ECSTASY: Belters didn’t get addicted to current stimulation, so why did the spacer die with electrodes in his brain?

BORDERED IN BLACK: the continent had a thin black border all the way around. The things that made it drove a space explorer raving mad.

These are three of the superb stories in this new collection by Larry Niven. The others are just as good.”


A World Out of Time (paperback, GOOD condition)

Jaybee Corbell awoke after more than 200 years as a corpsicle — in someone else’s body, and under sentence of instant annihilation if he made a wrong move while they were training him for a one-way mission to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his own move. Once he was outbound, where the Society that ruled Earth could not reach him, he headed his starship toward the galactic core, where the unimaginable energies of the Universe wrenched the fabric of time and space and promised final escape from his captors.

Then he returned to an Earth eons older than the one he’d left…a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to develop perils he had never dreamed of — perils that became nightmares that he had to escape…somehow!”


Crashlander (paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“Crashlander Beowulf Shaeffer has long been one of the most popular characters in Known Space. Now, for the first time ever, Larry Niven brings together all the Beowulf Shaeffer stories–including a brand-new one–in one long tale of exploration and adventure! PLUS–an all-new framing story that pulls together all of Beowulf Shaeffer’s adventures and allows Shaeffer and his family to make a clean start at life once and for all!”


Dream Park (with Steven Barnes, paperback, VERY GOOD condition)

“They were all playing games…but one of them was playing for keeps.

Chet Henderson was playing at revenge, and to boost his flagging reputation as a Lore-master.

Richard Lopez was playing to prove that his earlier successes as a Gamemaster were no fluke.

Ollie and Gwen and Mary-em and Tony were playing because it made them feel alive.

Alex Griffing was playing to protect Dream Park’s darkest secret.

In Dream Park, everyone plays. But if some win, some have to lose. And losing can be a matter of life or death.”

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