Land of the Free, boxed adventure for Cyberpunk


Land of the Free, boxed adventure for Cyberpunk

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Land of the Free, boxed adventure for Cyberpunk

It all started with a simple extraction…

Take some scientist’s daughter from New York to Night City. Simple, neh?

Land of the Free is ultimate Cyberpunk. From the mean streets of new York, across the country to the familiar, yet deadly, Night City. Does your team of hardened edgerunners have what it takes to get from one coast to another, while pursued by enemies that hound your every step, and are willing to kill for a secret you don’t even know about…

  • A campaign designed for all skill levels, Novice through Veteran.


  • 120 page adventure book (NEAR MINT condition)
  • 2′ x 3′ map of the United States in 2020 showing the condition of every major city, and the various ecological disasters. (NEAR MINT)
  • 2 cardstock vehicle sheets for use with 25mm figures. (MINT and UNCUT)
  • Various clues, business cards and other props to confuse and confound your players. (MINT)

There’s a cool million in this story at least; now all we have to do is get her, and us, to Night City alive. – Satchel Sabo, Net 54.”


The box is in VERY GOOD condition.

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