Land of Ninja (Games Workshop edition), hardback supplement for RuneQuest Third Edition


Land of Ninja (Games, hardback supplement for RuneQuest Third Edition


Land of Ninja (Games, hardback supplement for RuneQuest Third Edition

“Journey to the land where the sun rises on fantastic adventure! Armed with your two swords, your loyalty to your master, and your honour, you must face the perils of feudal Japan. Once you have entered the Land of Ninja, glory or honourable death must be your goals.

In this book you will find all you need to begin your adventures in the mystical Orient. On 144 pages, including many evocative illustrations – many in full colour – you will find information which will allow you to convert RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure into a game of Japanese adventure. You will find information about the adventuring background, and the necessary changes to the rules covering magic, combat (introducing rules for Japanese weapons and armour) and skills.

Two brand new ideas add flavour that makes Land of Ninja a unique setting. The ‘Honour’
system restricts the actions of the characters, so that they perform in true samurai spirit. The GM awards positive or negative HON points, and the score is used as a base for interaction with NPCs. Being recognised in a new town, asking for a favour from a lord, getting training from a renowned master – all these are subject to a successful HON roll.

With the Ki magic system, characters tap the inner power of the individual. It focuses on the belief that the most effective action is one performed in a single surge of force after much preparation. As characters start becoming exceptional with certain ordinary skills (getting them above the 90% mark), they develop parallel Ki skills. Characters can expend a magic point or a point of POW, perhaps perform a Ceremony, and then carry out amazing actions, such as throwing a string of shuriken or climbing sheer walls. These super skills allow a character to behave more like a movie version of a Japanese warrior than the ordinary game, so watch out!

The adventure shows exactly what roleplaying in Nihon is supposed to be about, with plenty of chances for ritual suicide when things go amiss.

Wear the two swords! Be at one with the universe!! Act honourably in all things! Adventure in the Land of Ninja.”

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