Heroes and Rogues, softback supplement for Rolemaster


Heroes and Rogues, softback supplement for Rolemaster

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Heroes and Rogues, softback supplement for Rolemaster

“Have you ever needed a detailed Non-Player or Player character at the spur of the moment, complete with skills, spell lists, and background, but did not know where to turn? Wonder no longer, your search is over! Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues is the answer – complete game information for 24 Rolemaster characters at seven different levels. Get your players ready, because your Rolemaster campaigns may never be the same.

Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues includes:

  • Twenty-four characters from the professions in Character Law: two of each of the non-spell using professions, one of each of the spell users, and one No Profession character. Each is detailed at first, third, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth levels so they can be placed into any campaign.
  • Complete backgrounds for all characters set in Shadow World; each can also be transplanted into any GM’s campaign.
  • Easy to-use rules to alter the race and skills of each character so they can work in any locale or adventure.
  • Tables for generating interesting quirks and physical traits for, any character, and rules to general starting equipment for characters entering at high levels.”

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