Herbalist’s Primer + Extras, hardback supplement for any RPG


Herbalist’s Primer + Extras, hardback supplement for any RPG, by Anna Urbanek

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Herbalist’s Primer + Extras, hardback supplement for any RPG, by Anna Urbanek

“An illustrated guide to real-world magical plants for magicians, worldbuilders, alchemists, and game masters.

Herbalist’s Primer is a system-agnostic illustrated guide to real-world magical plants. Inspired by the 19th-century herbalists and the millennia of folklore, myths, and legends, it brings a wealth of easily-accessible, organized information straight to your gaming table.

From screaming mandragoras to shape-shifting deadly nightshade to hawthorns holding portals to the fey realms – the world of plant folklore is full of fascinating stories, magical rituals, and simple spells that are quite unbreakable.

Every entry lists—if possible—their culinary, medicinal, magical, and poisonous properties. Each entry includes basic botanical information, a handy scale reference, commonly used names, and a short description, so there’s no need to read the whole thing if you’re just browsing for inspiration!

We have chosen the most interesting magical plants of the world’s folklore, from the Arctic to Cape Horn. We’ve read numerous herbaria, and took a deep dive into the planet’s biodiversity.

And now we can bring it all to you: nicely organized for your convenience and fully illustrated!


The Book

  • A full-colour, hardcover book (6″ x 9″) with 360 pages of botanical, ethnobotanical, folklore, and tabletop roleplaying material.
  • 100 illustrated, detailed descriptions of magically-inclined plants from around the world – from aconite to yew.
  • Short, sweet, and useful lore chapters on the basics of botany, herb gathering, preparation, alchemy, poisons & antidotes, and more!
  • Recipes for magical and medicinal concoctions, written in-world and in accordance with occult lore of the ages past (mix aconite with animal fat, then rub it on a broom handle for an excellent flying experience!).
  • Tools for creating original magical plants, plot hooks, quest ideas, and a botanical Latin primer to give your custom, fantastical plants a semi-proper scientific name.
  • Convenient tables with magical and medicinal properties of plants, astronomical correspondences, and the language of flowers – all according to the highest authorities in the fields.
  • An index, a detailed table of contents, references, bibliography—everything you’d expect from a popular-science publication that will make your herbalist cry the tears of joy.


Herbalist’s Notebook

Ever wanted to have more fun with plants at your gaming table? Well, here you go: a cool notebook for your herbalist character. Here’s 80 pages for you to play with: make a Herbalist’s Primer of your own! Draw all the cool plants your character encounters in the game, note down your ingenious potions, or even make it a real herbal and put some dried flowers into it! It’s spiral-bound, so you don’t have to worry about the extra bulk! We’ve also included some reference material there and a whole bunch of black and white illustrations, so you can doodle and color to your heart’s content.

We recognize that many of us (the author included) have to do something with our hands while playing a game. That’s how we keep our thoughts from wandering away. Doodling is cool.

What’s in the notebook, you ask? Space for 20 plants collected in the wild, a whole bunch of custom recipes, and space for notes, map-drawing, and coloring! We even put some dots on the pages, to make drawing squares and hexes easier. We’ve also included a small guide on how to collect and preserve plants (in case you want to put all your dried four-leaf clovers inside), as well as a bunch of useful tables and references, to cut down on time spent browsing the book.


Song of the Hedge

A system-neutral plant-based adventure, incorporating elements found in the book!


Herbalist’s Flash Cards

Herbalist’s Flash Cards covering all 100 plants in the book, on sturdy, laminated, high-quality card stock and in a pretty tuck box.”




The Song of the Hedge adventure is in VERY GOOD condition. The main book, the notebook and the flash cards are all in MINT condition.

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