GURPS WWII, softback role-playing game

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GURPS WWII, softback role-playing game, by Gene Seabolt

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GURPS WWII, softback role-playing game, by Gene Seabolt

“Fight for Freedom!

You too can do your share for democracy in GURPS WWII! Explore the defining conflict of the 20th century in this, the first in a comprehensive line of sourcebooks. Within these pages you’ll find a complete game, including:

  • A history and overview of the war that transformed the globe.
    Reviews of the nations and armies in the thick of the fighting, including their tactics and weapons.
  • A modular vehicle-design system for recreating rare equipment, tailoring a unique arsenal in alternate history campaigns, or simply perfecting the unstoppable tank!
  • Details on life behind the front lines – from partisan or special operations against the enemy, to keeping the home fires burning back in the states.
  • A new version of the GURPS Lite rules, tailored for campaigning in WWII!

With these rules, you can launch any sort of action using the war as the backdrop – from grittily realistic shootouts in the shattered streets of Stalingrad to costumed supers rampaging through panzer divisions in defence of country and flag – or anything else you can imagine!

This could be your finest hour!

This is a complete game system.”

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