GURPS Undead, softback supplement for GURPS


GURPS Undead, softback supplement for GURPS, by Sean M. Punch

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GURPS Undead, softback supplement for GURPS, by Sean M. Punch

“Death is only the Beginning! You’re dead – so now what? Time to check the book of the dead . . . GURPS Undead is a complete guide to adventures beyond the grave, covering everything from subtle haunting to undead necromancers, from Gothic vampires to the brain-eating zombies of the B-movies. Inside you’ll find: A factual history of the undead. Complete rules for ghosts, liches, mummies, revenants, shades, shadows, skeletons, spectres, vampires, wights, wraiths, and zombies, along with variants and illustrative examples. Guidelines for putting together your own undead creations, including animals, plants, microbes, and even vehicles! New spells for creating, controlling, and combating the undead. Character templates for campaigns that include the undead. Advice on how to use the undead dramatically . . . as scenery, plot devices, monsters, villains, or heroes. Undead also covers related topics, like tombs, death gods, embalming, funerary rites, grave robbery, necromancy, pathology, souls, the afterlife, symbolism . . . in other words, everything you need to inject new life into your undead. So what are you waiting for? Life is short! GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Grimoire, Magic, Religion and Voodoo are all recommended. However, the detailed history of the undead, discussions of the undead condition, and dramatic advice will be useful to anyone running a campaign that includes the undead.”

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