GURPS Basic Set, 3rd edition, softback roleplaying game


GURPS Basic Set, 3rd edition, softback roleplaying game

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GURPS Basic Set, 3rd edition, softback roleplaying game

“Any Time. Any Place. Any Background.

GURPS, the Generic Universal Roleplaying System, is THE most flexible roleplaying system you can use. With just this Basic Set, you can adventure to any world you can imagine. Rules are included for all types of weapons from clubs to lasers… for wizards and magic, with more than 100 spells… for psionic powers.

No more switching game systems whenever you want to change campaigns! GURPS lets you learn one set of clear, comprehensive rules to cover any background.

And the GURPS system is fully supported. Over 50 different worldbooks, sourcebooks and adventures are available for all kinds of campaigns… and more are coming out every month. There’s even a regular magazine, Roleplayer, specifically devoted to the GURPS system.

GURPS makes the Game Master’s job easy and fun. All rules are clearly written, indexed and cross-referenced. Charts and tables are clear and legible. There’s even a “Quick Start” section, with two adventures, to help you introduce the system to new players.

And the rules let you choose the level of complexity that you want.

GURPS is user-friendly for players, too. The character creation rules are detailed and flexible. There are no “classes” or “levels.” Instead, you can create exactly the character you want to play… your favorite fictional hero, or your own creation.

Choose from dozens of Advantages and Disadvantages, and over 130 Skills for your character. Customize with some personal Quirks, and you’re ready to play!

GURPS is the roleplaying game that everyone can enjoy. You can create the game world that’s perfect for you. See for yourself…”

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