Griffin Island (Avalon Hill), boxed campaign supplement for RuneQuest


Griffin Island (Avalon Hill), boxed campaign supplement for RuneQuest



Griffin Island (Avalon Hill), boxed campaign supplement for RuneQuest

Soldier Port is the first stop at Griffin Island. The town teems with rumors and offers of employment, honest or not. Maugre, a tyrannical foreigner, runs the port with deadly precision, heavily taxing the merchants to secure his personal fortune. From Soldier Port you can explore Griffin Island. With an area equivalent to the whole of England, there’s plenty of room to roam. Adventures abound. Journey to the great citadels of Nidik and Surlt, where the odor of civilization mingles with breezy tribal traditions to create an adventure-laden atmosphere. Seek the lost Windsword, a fabled weapon forged to battle chaos. Help free the citadel of Ockless from grim domination by its orc overlords.

Griffin island provides everything you need to run entertaining roleplaying adventures, its wealth of information frees you from hours of creating, describing, and quantifying, and lets you join in the fun of playing. This box contains dozens of detailed scenarios, scenario ideas, plot hooks, incidental encounters, and a variety of detailed characters.
Griffin Island is a complete RuneQuest wilderness campaign, ready-to-play. As a RuneQuest Gateway supplement, use it in your fantasy world wherever you need a remote, unexplored island rarely visited by outsiders and left untouched by the cosmic events of your universe.

Griffin Island is based on Griffin Mountain, published several years ago by Chaosium Inc. for second-edition RuneQuest. Some material has been retained from that previous edition. All background and political material is significantly altered.”



The SPECIAL copy is as follows:

  • Ancient Map: this is the players’ primary source of knowledge. It contains the notes of Aigonus Windsword, an early explorer who circumnavigated the island a hundred years before the adventurers arrived. (NEAR MINT condition)
  • Player Handouts: data to be given to the players at the proper time. The pages of information presented in this manner save the gamemaster hours of preparation time, and quickens the pace of the game session. (NEAR MINT and UNCUT)
  • Gamemaster Book: contains both common and secret information necessary for the gamemaster to run the Griffin Island campaign. (VERY GOOD)
  • Scenarios Book: contains ten full-length scenarios, innumerable scenario suggestions, and a variety of random encounters which allow the gamemaster and the players to spend hours enjoyably investigating Griffin Island’s darkest secrets. (VERY GOOD)”

The box itself is in FAIR condition.


Note that White Dwarf 98 has an article with some extra NPCs for this campaign.

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