Freight Train, boxed card game


Freight Train, boxed card game, by Alan R. Moon

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Freight Train, boxed card game, by Alan R. Moon

“Did you ever play with trains as a kid? Did you while away hours connecting cars to an engine and imagine them all rumbling their way down the tracks? And the longer the train the better, right? Now you and your friends can do it together!

In Freight Train, each player runs their own freight yard and several trains. Using these and a shared main yard, players take eleven different types of freight cars and compete to form the longest trains.

The game lasts for three “days”, but when the yard foreman calls it quits, that “day” is over. As each day wears on, tension mounts as players scheme to ensure that their trains will be the longest.

The locomotives are waiting. Are you ready to roll?”



Designed by Alan R. Moon, who would go on to design the much better known (but similarly train-themed) Ticket to Ride.

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