Fragged Kingdom, hardback campaign setting for Fragged Empire


Fragged Kingdom, hardback campaign setting for Fragged Empire

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Fragged Kingdom, hardback campaign setting for Fragged Empire

“The Archdruid is dead!

Now is the time to reclaim the world for civilisation.

Akharon is a world scarred by a magical druidic war and overflowing with monsters. Much has been lost, waiting to be reclaimed by those bold enough to set foot outside of civilisation’s last bastion, Stronghold. It is a world besieged by malevolent forces who channel the planet’s own dark magic and direct strange otherworldly creatures with malicious intent. It is a world where death and mystery wait around every corner, behind every tree, and in every rocky crag.

But it is also a world of hope. The war that has lasted a generation is over, and the denizens of Stronghold have begun to step out into the world once again. What awaits them is a vast, unexplored land, overgrown and full of grand treasures and lost magic waiting to be re-discovered.

But the evil druids and the forces of the dark goddess, Neph, are still out there in the wilds, plotting their next move.

They may have failed to conquer Stronghold, and their Archdruid lies dead, but they will not stop their campaign until all civilisation on Akharon is extinguished.

The races who took up residence in Stronghold – the Kaltorans, Legion, Remnant, and Tolatl – are once again free to spread civilisation across the face of Akharon.

As Stronghold struggles to support its growing population, and food rations grow thinner, the time has come for bold adventurers to leave and reclaim the wilds.

This Book Requires the Fragged Empire Core Rule Book

The Rules:

  • Crafting
  • Manage your Momentum in Combat
  • Optional Holding and Nation Building Rules
  • Optional Mass
  • Combat Rules

The Setting:

  • Nature vs Civilisation
  • Religious Tension
  • 5 Playable Races
  • Exploration
  • Set within the Fragged Empire Universe”


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