Foes (The Chaosium), softback supplement for RuneQuest


Foes (The Chaosium), softback supplement for RuneQuest, by David Forthoffer

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Foes (The Chaosium), softback supplement for RuneQuest, by David Forthoffer

“The world portrayed in the role-playing game RuneQuest is filled with dangerous and exotic life forms. Some are legendary, such as the manticore, griffin, or minotaur. Some are unique to Glorantha such as the Dragonewt, morokanth, or broos. Some are traditional, such as the troll, elf, or dwarf. Some are from myths, such as the awesom dragon, the wyrm, or the terrifying wyvern. Many are human, including varous types of barbarians, peasants, mercenaries, and adventurers.

This book, FOES, contains the statistical profiles of over 1200 such characters prepared for instant use by referees in hundreds of situations. Normal calculation of this many non-player-character statistics would take the average person more than 200 hours of work – yet FOES presents them at once, with variety, thought, and wit for less than 1 cent each.

Each stat is computer-generated, then hand-checked again. Often additional details of relationship or special skills are added to individual statistics, giving the final owner the best of both worlds – the volume and economy which only the computer-generation provides, and the hand-crafted believability which only human participation yields.


  • Types — all intelligent monsters from RuneQuest are described, many with special individualizing characterizations that are associated with the monster’s culture or ecology.
  • Bonuses – defense, manipulation, stealth, knowledge, and perception are included in the stats.
  • Common Skills – Hide in Cover, Listen, Move Quietly, and Spot Hidden are included for all monsters. There also may be uncommon or amusing skills.
  • Special Skills – racial or national specialties are noted, such as the Peaceful Cut for barbarians, Identify Plants for elves, Tracking for hunters, plus Climbing, Jumping, Scent, First Aid, and others as appropriate.
  • Hit Locations and Armor Protection – there is easy reference for non-human hit locations, and each is conveniently represented with the armor points close by.
  • Weapons — the statistics include attacks, parries, hit points, damage done, and strike rank.
  • Spells – battle magic is given according to the requirements the home area and the owner’s natural life.
  • Other Factors – also included are encumbrance, movement, and spell strike rank.
  • Variation – all stats are built around the normal RuneQuest parameters of size, etc., for the particular monster type. No entries are identical.
  • Function – Because Glorantha is a fully-developed universe, most entries are equipped and magicked according to their activities in the world. Thus the possessions, skills and spells of a tradesman will not be the same as those of a peasant.”


From 1980.

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