Fluid Mechanics, hardback supplement for Blue Planet


Fluid Mechanics, hardback supplement for Blue Planet

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Fluid Mechanics, hardback supplement for Blue Planet

“Technology in the World of Blue Planet

More than just a guide to gear, Fluid Mechanics presents detailed information on the design and capabilities of computers, cybernetics, genetic modifications, robots and remotes, cetacean tech, weapons, vehicles, and much more. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Hanover Autoworks new Cormorant™ ground-effect plane, Hydrospan’s SmartGuide™ navigation software, or Atlas Materials’ HardTarget™ battledress, your wait is coming to an end.

This Blue Planet sourcebook includes everything players and moderators need to incorporate high technology into their games.

  • Detailed descriptions of new equipment and technology, from infantry-support weapons to fusion-powered torchships.
  • Information about specific equipment models manufactured by the Incorporate, from the Hanover Autoworks Hurricane™ jumpracer to the MacLeod Silva Special™ 14mm Magnum.
  • Overviews of several core technology fields, including computers, communications, medicine, vehicles, and weapons.
  • New rules for equipment durability, damage, and malfunction.
  • Complete, streamlined rules for vehicle chases and dogfights.”

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