Farflung, hardback roleplaying game


Farflung, hardback roleplaying game

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Farflung, hardback roleplaying game

“We are pleased that you have come here. Let us tell you about your Farflung experience. It is a tabletop game about the ends of the universe, where nothing has been undone and everything is permitted. You will be one of the heroes who rages against the dying of the star-light. From transhuman zetta-tech androids, to the bewildered time-traveller who came to see new wonders, down to the humble robot who yearns for freedom, the only limits are your imagination.

Welcome to Farflung. In a future where everything is possible, then what makes for an interesting story? Farflung introduces you to a world of challenges from the simplest of tasks to the most complex of emotions. When space, time, death, life, hate, love, and everything else have passed beyond binary meaning, we will show you the many new stories that wait for you:

Dozens of unique characters to choose, from beings of cosmic power to ordinary humans, and all kinds of exotic things in between. Our system of playbooks lets you find the character with the precise set of skills, powers, and abilities to satisfy your needs, without any unpleasant grinding or other tedium.

A game both easy and complex, the ideal partner for your desires. Enjoy a unique game system, powered by the apocalypse, where your points in time let you and your fellow players work together to solve your problems. Combine your singular powers with inspiration and team-work. After you’ve collapsed from giving everything you have, let your friends pick you back up. It’s a big, cold, empty universe out there… so you will learn how to best enjoy your party.

Explore and experience the far reaches of the universe. Discover the fates of civilizations, to learn the true nature of yourself, or just to watch a world burn. Our game will guide you and your fellow players on a shared experience, from the pan-galactic to the sub-culture.

Illustrations to both inspire and illuminate, showing you the story-telling process. If you’re new to the role-playing experience… or if you’re a veteran looking for something new… our game will show you how to tell your own stories in a universe where time, space, life, and death have new meanings. Start with the common ground, then rise above.

Conflict comes in many forms, and not just at the end of a gun. When others test your patience because they fear your power, will you give in to your worst impulses and destroy your enemies, or will you find a way to live and let live? Each character has a unique way to deflect harm to overcome all obstacles. Run away from your past, and from those you’ve wronged… or make peace with them, and then make amends. Anyone can destroy, but can you create? Rebuild? Redeem?

Romance your fellow beings, from the most ephemeral of humans to the most cosmic of energies. Lie, cheat, steal, hold grudges, get in spats, break up, get back together, and fall in love against a backdrop of the stars.

Enjoy the limitless possibility of post-scarcity, trans-human, high-concept science fiction. Explore what it means to be good, to be evil, to be free, to be human. Bake an apple pie from scratch by creating your own universe. Share and enjoy.”

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