Fantasy World Corebook, hardback roleplaying game


Fantasy World Corebook, hardback roleplaying game, by Alessandro Piroddi & Luca Maiorani

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Fantasy World Corebook, hardback roleplaying game, by Alessandro Piroddi & Luca Maiorani

“Fantasy World is a tabletop role-playing game of dramatic fantasy adventures in which you explore a wonderful and terrible world through the lives and journeys of a company of protagonists.

Inspired by the narrative structures underpinning much of fantasy literature, from novel sagas to TV series, comic books, Graphic Novels and films, Fantasy World is structured to be an immersive and emotional experience driven by a revolutionary take on the Powerd by the Apocalypse rulebook created specifically for a new generation of players.

The greatest heroes are and remain, in essence, people who love and hate, dream and worry, fight and prevail, getting into trouble and adventures only to come out changed and grown up. Regardless of how epic or trivial their deeds may be, they are important because they have personal meaning: keeping a promise to a child, defeating a monstrous evil, trying to understand an enemy, overthrowing a tyrant or becoming one.

Fantasy World is a tabletop role-playing game that takes the lessons learned in eleven years of Powered by the Apocalypse games and distils them into rules and procedures.

It is both a love letter and a dedicated critique of a classic design; it is a newcomer to town that seeks to refine and make more accessible the PbtA structure while standing on the shoulders of the giants that preceded it.

  • PbtA rules demystified – everything is as clear, simple, unambiguous, accessible and practical as possible.
  • Intuitive Worldbuilding – most of the Moves and Reactions are designed to directly or indirectly produce new pieces and details of the game setting.
  • Problem & Doubt – the very structure of each Protagonist incorporates mechanics that produce an emergent narrative arc, allowing Players to effortlessly and naturally explore their PG’s drives and motivations.
  • Blood & Belonging – an inclusive and fresh way to express the physical and cultural uniqueness of each character. A further axis of PG exploration and a powerful tool for the World to easily portray NPCs as real people with a rich and diverse presence.
  • Narrative Damage – dispensing with numbers and non-essential rules makes combat sudden, brutal and dynamic. Violence is always meaningful and impactful, never trivial and without consequences. Tactical storytelling replaces the hunt for yet another +1 modifier.”

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