Familiars of Terra, softback roleplaying game

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Familiars of Terra, softback roleplaying game

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Familiars of Terra, softback roleplaying game, by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul

“A tabletop roleplaying game about human heroes and their animal familiars.


Discover Terra with your very own animal familiar in this tabletop RPG about exploration, adventure, and amazing animals.

Familiars of Terra is a tabletop roleplay game set in Terra, a fantasy world in which every person has an animal familiar. As a heroic Seeker you travel the lands with your familiar healing the devastation of a war which left nations scarred and people scattered. Be a beacon of hope ushering in a new era for Terra. Help restore the land to its former beauty, bond with your familiar and discover your joined destiny, become a hero people will sing about for years to come!

If you love young adult fiction like The Golden Compass, Wild Magic, or shows like Digimon, then Familiars of Terra is for you! Mechanically we’ve taken inspiration from our favourite games like Blades in the Dark and Monsterhearts and a few card based games like Pokemon. Combining our favourite media and games with our passion for cool animals has created a unique card-based game.


Exploring Tír, the continent where your story takes places, you’ll encounter new locations to explore and mysteries to unravel. Rather than taking a back seat to the action, your familiar is just as important as your Seeker. You play both characters, working in tandem to overcome adversity and accomplish goals.

You’ll encounter new locations to explore and mysteries to unravel as you traverse Tír, a continent with five nations to chose from as you make your Seeker:

  • Amirland: Family, trade, and art. The Amirese treasure family above all else and know the creation of beauty is its own reward.
  • Endrill: Spirituality, exploration, and community. The Drill understand the bond between human and familiar, respecting nature and all it has to offer.
  • Fendair: Peace, kindness, and humility. The Fendarians enjoy living a good, simple life surrounded by those dearest to them.
  • Inther: Ingenuity, humor, and survival. The Inth excel at creative problem solving using whatever’s on hand to thrive.
  • Ratha: Pride, wit, and strength. The Rathans know that excelling in your chosen field brings glory to your community.


In Familiars of Terra you play a Seeker, a hero who travels the continent of Tír looking for adventure and helping those in need. Seekers are rare; it’s a modern world after all, who has time for heroics? But after the Vast War, Seekers are needed more than ever.

The Badlands, large swaths of land bombed in the war, are twisted, dangerous places. Hybrids wander the blasted plains, and spirits cry out in pain. Will you heal the devastation?

After the war, the aggressor nation of Plinth closed its borders and the darkness hanging over the nation grew. Now every person in Plinth acts as one, moving in a strange dark dance, each with the name “Emilia” upon their lips. Can you unravel the mystery?


Familiars of Terra uses simple, streamlined mechanics for making checks and combat. The focus of the game’s mechanics is to enhance the story you’re playing and adding colour to the world players and GM create together.

Familiars of Terra’s streamlined mechanics system means you spend most of your time focused on roleplay, solving mysteries, and exploration. Each Seeker has a Calling, their reason for adventuring, and by roleplaying your Calling you can earn Familiar Points. Use Familiar Points to increase your chance of success, be the beacon of hope in the dark, and aid allies when times are most dire!

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