European Enemies, softback sourcebook for Champions


European Enemies, softback sourcebook for Champions, by William Tracy

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European Enemies, softback sourcebook for Champions, by William Tracy

“Quantum and Defender flew down as their comrades loaded the villains into a Paris police van. Quantum landed next to the big Australian.

“Seeker, we were supposed to be in France to find Dr. Destroyer’s new base.”

“Yeah, that’s true, darlin’, but these fellas here are Triad – superpowered mercs and thieves.” Seeker wiped the sweat from his brow and sheathed his sword. “They’re scumbags – though I gotta say, they probably don’t deserve the way ol’ Puss ‘n’ boots tore into ’em.”

Defender looked about. “But Seeker, how do you know so much about the supervillains of Europe?”

“Cause, mate, I’ve read ‘European Enemies.'”

European Enemies includes within are over thirty-five all new, never before seen villains, all from various parts of Europe. Both solo villains and villain teams are here, wreaking havoc and committing crimes. Every major European country is represented, including some Eastern block supers that walk the fine line between hero and villain.

Gamemasters will also find information and suggestions for adventures in Europe and ways to get American heroes to travel across the ocean. Ideas for bringing these villains to nthe U.S. are also probided. Are you getting tired of battling those same old American villains? If so, for a nice change of pace get your heroes ready for the trip accross the “big pond” and have them battle some European Enemies!”

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