Eldarad The Lost City (Avalon Hill), folio supplement for RuneQuest


Eldarad The Lost City (Avalon Hill), folio supplement for RuneQuest

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Eldarad The Lost City (Avalon Hill), folio supplement for RuneQuest

There was a time, a time of greatness, when the elders walked this land, tall with glory. The great marble towers of the city, held aloft by the dwellers’ magics, reached huge white hands up to the embrace of Father Sky. This was the time of Eldarad in the flower of its youth.                                                                              – Teachings of an Immaril Tribal Shaman

Now, all that remains of the city builders is a vast, chaos infested ruin, surrounded by rich tombs. Multitudes have come here seeking hidden wealth. Some have succeeded, but most, the failures, settled within the ruin. Over time, these people began a rebuilding in Eldarad. It is now a working ruin, devoid of law and order, where the minions of chaos walk freely in the night, preying on the dregs of society-Yet, still they come, the greedy and the innocent, seeking the tombs of the ancient builders, tombs rich in gold, and the magics of a race, long dead. For all the risks, one good find can make the searcher rich beyond dreams of avarice. The ship leaves tonight for Eldarad. Will you be on it to seek your fortune, or to delve into secrets, old beyond imagination? Decide with care, for the dangers are legion, and the rewards, incredible. GOOD LUCK, AND FAREWELL.”



We have three copies in stock, oddly in pretty much identical condition, as follows:

  • A 54 page book detailing the city and its dwellers, (VERY GOOD condition)
  • A 62 page book on the lands around the city, and several fully detailed adventures. (VERY GOOD)
  • A 32 page book of maps for Gamemaster use, and as player handouts. (VERY GOOD)
  • An 11×16 game aids card, full of important charts and tables from the text. (VERY GOOD)
  • An 11×16 full-colour, painted map of the lands around Eldarad. (NEAR MINT)
  • A 17×22 full colour, painted map of Eldarad – This is the cardboard cover of the folder, opened out to twice original size. (VERY GOOD)
  • Two 8 1/2×11 full-colour maps of the Artisan’s Quarter and the Lost Quarter. (VERY GOOD)



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