Edge of the Sun, hardback supplement for Numenera


Edge of the Sun, hardback supplement for Numenera, by Bruce R. Cordell

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Edge of the Sun, hardback supplement for Numenera, by Bruce R. Cordell

“The greatest work of the prior worlds: The Engine of the Gods!
Edge of the Sun cover showing a massive alien structure hovering in the brilliant corona of the Sun.

Few who dwell in the Ninth World know of the greatest achievement of the ancients, for it rests—imperceptibly, despite its vast size—on the very edge of the sun itself. The prior worlds were mighty beyond conception, but even for them, this Engine is a work of staggering proportion. What incredible threat to the sun, our world, and all the bodies of our solar system compelled them to such an audacious feat? Has that threat been ended?
Strange biomechanical creatures threaten humans in environmental suits as they float in space above the furnace-bright surface of the Sun.

Or do the beings that dwell in the Engine (for yes, it is home to many strange creatures) struggle now in vain, unaware that their mission no longer protects them—or us—from a cataclysm on a scale that dwarfs even the boldness of the prior worlds’ most ambitious work?
A human in an environment suit is confronted by a floating mechanical being, that shoots them with a beam of blue energy.

Edge of the Sun details a massive new location for Numenera characters to explore: the Engine of the Gods. Fiercely hostile to human life, it can nevertheless be visited physically or virtually, where its many secrets—and dangers—await discovery.

This book contains:

  • A host of new creatures suited to life on and in the Engine of the Gods.
  • Dozens of new cyphers and artifacts, plus augmechs—strange vehicles that can be piloted remotely to explore the Engine or used to reach other locations in the Ninth World or across the solar system.
  • A map generator that lets you easily create infinite regions within the planet-sized Engine of the Gods.
  • Two complete adventures. “Waking the Mega” introduces augmechs, as the PCs discover, revive, and ultimately pilot one against a titanic threat. “The Sun Doth Move” is a lengthy adventure with world-shattering consequences that can make an excellent capstone to your explorations of the Engine of the Gods—or to an entire Numenera campaign!”

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