Droyne Coyns and Card Deck, accessory for Traveller


Droyne Coyns and Card Deck, accessory for Traveller

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Droyne Coyns and Card Deck, accessory for Traveller

“Ever since Grandfather and the other Ancients uplifted the various races, and the Elder Droynes started to separate the younglings into the different Castes, the Coyns have been the most accurate method. Since those early days, the Coyns have also been used to foretell the future of any Droyne. All they had to do was seek an Oracle and cast the Coyns.

Among the most common artifacts recovered from Ancient sites are items known as Coyns, small disks of metal engraved with various symbols. They typically come in sets of 36, although varying types and numbers of Coyns within the sets, are common, there is a rough consensus of what a typical set looked like.

According to modern scholars, in addition to the Ancients-derived Coyn sets, sets are associated with Droyne communities (called Koynisin), and have been so for at least 75,000 years. These more modern Coyn sets are used in numerous Droyne ceremonies.

Sophontologists have found similarities between the symbols on the Ancients-derived Coyns, the older Droyne Coyns, and the modern Coyns used by Oytripin. The symbols on the Coyns have changed over time, both when representing the same concept, and when symbols have been added or removed. The modern Coyn set contains thirty-six different symbols, the Ancients are assumed to have had thirty-eight, and the old sets have some intermediate number between thirty and forty-two.

These are the new Coyns, a new style for choosing the path of the young Droynes and telling the future of those who seek it.


Each set includes the following components:

  • 36 Droyne Coyns (with unique 3D stamped metal images)
  • 36 Matching Revelation Cards
  • 4 Rules Cards
  • 1 Container

The Coyns are 30mm x 2mm in size, and made of a highly durable, inflexible, brass-coloured metal alloy. Individually, each Coyn weighs .25 ounce (or 7 grams), or 9 ounces (255 grams) for 36 Coyns. The cards are standard playing card size (2.5″ x 3.5″) with a matte finish. The container consists of a cloth bag large enough to contain the Coyns and cards, and can be used to randomly select the Coyns. Usable with any version of Traveller.

This project is licensed from Marc Miller and has been created with his knowledge and approval.

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