Dodeca: Adventuring Through Grimdark Worlds, softback roleplaying game


Dodeca: Adventuring Through Grimdark Worlds, softback roleplaying game, by Peter Lattimore

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Dodeca: Adventuring Through Grimdark Worlds, softback roleplaying game, by Peter Lattimore

“Dodeca is a d12 based old school style role-playing game with narrative character creation and world building.

Dodeca is a game of grimdark adventures. Using twelve-sided dice, Dodeca employs a narrative character creation and world building process. This process gives players and gamemasters an immersive shared experience before the game begins!

In Dodeca the world is against you and the odds are not good. In fact, nearly zero. These stories involve tests and dark places, but avoid lingering in that darkness. As long as such adventures don’t lean too hard into darker themes, they can be great ways to tell stories of camaraderie and heroism. Not grand hero style adventures, but the kind of heroism it takes to go into battle when you know the odds are nearly insurmountable. Grab your sword, fetch your rifle and don’t forget the grenades.


Dodeca was born out of my love for the d12 and a desire to embrace the nostalgia of old school roleplaying, albeit through a modern lens. Advanced Heroquest always had a special place in my heart as a boy and young man. I remember the random nature of the character and dungeon creation being endless fun. I played D&D, WFRP and many other games. However, as the youngest of three brothers few of these things had been mine. The Christmas I got Advanced Heroquest was just amazing. There is a photo somewhere of a very happy young Garblag holding that box so tight the cardboard is about to buckle.

As I’ve aged and played many roleplaying games my view on them has developed. I feel that in Dodeca I have embraced this past, but also looked forward. Character and world creation is designed to be done collectively. As with most roleplaying games the Players take on the role of a specific character and the Gamemaster (who is still very much a player) plays everyone and everything else.

This is a collaborative storytelling experience though. Players might have a great character concept they want to pursue (and that is fine), but all the characters should be created together. As they are, each Player will start to see how they fit into their world and together as a group.


Through rolling or choice, every player gets five narrative prompts to build their character’s Legend. These provide attribute points and skills, but also give a view into their drive, desires and origin. Creating characters together can help to flesh out their story, plus add some character specific flavour ahead of building your grimdark world.


Much like characters, the world through which you explore and struggle can be created collaboratively by generating or choosing narrative prompts. Will you be questing across a fantasy land controlled by a cruel overlord, fighting the fascist authorities of a dystopian future or evading cannibal bikers on the shattered roads of a post-apocalyptic world. Dodeca allows you to build this grimdark world together!


The combat system of Dodeca is designed to simulate the flow of a battle. There are no rounds, instead the Initiative Wheel allows players to perform actions as soon as they can be complete, not in a set order.


Weapons and armour also are defined by the player. Selecting features and flaws allows you to personalise your equipment and come up with your own type of melee or ranged weapons.


To evoke the feeling of old school roleplaying games I am working with two awesome artists: Diogo Nogueira and Mustafa Bekir. Both of whom channel old school fighting fantasy and games workshop style artwork heavily. I have even been known to do a bit of drawing myself (mainly maps).



Includes A5 postcard mini-screen.

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