The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA), boxed roleplaying game


The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA), boxed roleplaying game



The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA), boxed roleplaying game

“The Master has stolen a weapon that will give him ultimate control of the universe and of time itself. The Daleks are invading Earth. The Cybermen are terrorizing the space lanes. And the Sontarians and the Rutans are battling to see who wins the galaxy.

Only YOU, the Time Lords and Companions of the Celestial Intervention Agency, can stop these villains from changing the course of history. Your weapons are your wits and your TARDIS. To join the Doctor in his adventures to defeat the foes of the universe, you only need your imagination, a pencil, some paper, and this game!

The set contains 3 books:
A Player’s Manual containing character creation rules, rules for play, and a glossary of game terms.

A Game Operations Manual with suggestions on creating adventures, hints for adventure presentation, information on the creation of the campaign world, and rules for judging.

A Sourcebook for Field Operatives containing a Time Traveller’s Handbook, TARDIS Operator’s Manual, Visitor’s Guide to Gallifrey, equipment descriptions, and more background information.”




We have three copies in stock:

VERY GOOD condition copy

  • Player’s Manual (MINT condition)
  • Game Operations Manual (MINT)
  • Sourcebook for Field Operatives (MINT)
  • Box (VERY GOOD)


SPECIAL condition copy

  • Player’s Manual (VERY GOOD condition)
  • Game Operations Manual (VERY GOOD)
  • Sourcebook for Field Operatives (VERY GOOD)
  • 10 blank photocopied Character Data Records, one completed for The Doctor and one completed for the Brigadier.
  • Box (GOOD)


GOOD condition copy

  • Player’s Manual (NEAR MINT condition)
  • Game Operations Manual (NEAR MINT)
  • Sourcebook for Field Operatives (NEAR MINT)
  • Box (FAIR)

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