Deathwish, softback adventure for GURPS Supers


Deathwish, softback adventure for GURPS Supers

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Deathwish, softback adventure for GURPS Supers

“There’s no business like show business, and Deathwish knows how to put on a show! They’ve got strobe lights, laser effect, smoke machines and enough wattage to deafen even the most hardcore rockers. But strange things are starting to happen at Deathwish shows — a shooting here, a stabbing there, and the occasional full-blown riot to make things interesting. Add to this mixture a sinister group of meta-villains whose tastes run more to museum robberies than to guitars and drums, and you’ve got a mystery on your hands!

Deathwish is an adventure for three or more 500-point supers. The investigation spans coast-to-coast with stops in Los Angeles, Denver and several other cities across the U.S.

Deathwish includes:

  • Complete descriptions of the bands Deathwish and Sinister Drums (including a Deathwish Discography) .
  • Detailed maps of concert sites, villain headquarters and other important areas.
  • Several NPCs that can be used in an ongoing campaign.
  • Adventure seeds that make this a perfect sourcebook for continuing adventure even after the initial investigation is over.
  • And much, much more . . .”

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