Darwin’s World Survivor’s Handbook, softback d20 roleplaying game


Darwin’s World Survivor’s Handbook, softback d20 roleplaying game

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Darwin’s World Survivor’s Handbook, softback d20 roleplaying game

“Darwin’s World 2nd Edition is a revised and expanded version of the GenCon/Ennie award-nominated post-apocalyptic d20 RPG. All the new rules are revised for compatibility with the modern d20 System. This new edition is focused on separating the mechanics from the setting, making Darwin’s World the definitive guide to building post-apocalyptic campaigns, whether you are playing in the Twisted Earth or your own preferred post-Fall setting.

The Survivor’s Handbook is Book I of Darwin’s World 2.

So, what will you find in this tome of Post Apocalyptic goodness? (Beside radiation sickness):

Post Apocalyptic Characters
New rules for creating post fall characters including: 11 Backgrounds, 15 New Occupations, New Base Class The Post Apocalyptic Hero, 14 New Advanced Classes, 8 New Epic Classes, New and Revised Skills, and New Feats.

New Mutation System
A new multi-level mutation system allows for a wide variety of flavorful mutants. No 2 mutants need be alike. Also included is a new system for handling neural mutations.

Artifacts of the Ancients
Discover a horde of new equipment and gear developed by the Ancients. Over 70 new futuristic firearms all completely illustrated! New weapons include: modern firearms, lasers, masers, energy field generators, mass drivers, and other unconventional weapons. Also included are new powered melee weapons, explosives, advanced armor, powered armor, advanced medicines, advanced electronics, professional equipment, military hardware, and survival gear.”

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