Dark Nebula, boxed Classic Traveller wargame


Dark Nebula, boxed Classic Traveller wargame

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Dark Nebula, boxed Classic Traveller wargame

“In a region of space rimward from Terra, at some time in the far future, the revitalized Solomani Confederation is struggling to establish a stellar empire simultaneously with the Aslan Hierate. Both cultures are fighting for position , and they find themselves squared off and ready for war…

In basic terms, Dark Nebula is a science fiction simulation game, presenting a future history situation involving starships, industry, troops, and defences in a campaign for supremacy among the stars. Dark Nebula has 8 small boards representing sectors of about six or so star systems. The boards are placed randomly at the start of the game by both players one at a time, to their own advantage. The game is played in turns with each player’s turn having a number of phases. Get the money you earn from your star systems, move your ships and combat, a reaction from your opponent (which has some restrictions), a final move and combat by you, then it is the other players turn. The object of the game varies with the board placement, but basically you need to control your opponents home world for a number of turns. This game uses mechanics similar to the Imperium game.”

Game components:

  • Rulebook (generally GOOD condition, except that the final two pages have been separated to use as reference sheets)
  • 120 die cut counters (PUNCHED and BAGGED , but present)
  • 8 map sheets (NEAR MINT)
  • Six-sided dice (PRESENT)

The box itself is in VERY GOOD condition.   This is a first edition. The second edition has different box art.

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