Corsairs, softback roleplaying game


Corsairs, softback roleplaying game, by Giles Pritchard

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Corsairs, softback roleplaying game, by Giles Pritchard

“Corsairs is a role playing game designed for great tales and daring deeds.

You are a Corsair, nothing more than a pirate to the navies of the Empires that battle over the floating islands, but to independent islands like Teboa, you are a bulwark against the machinations of power hungry sovereigns.

Corsairs is a game of sky ships, powerful empires and fiercely independent floating islands.

Inspired by such television and films as Black Sails, Star Dust, Hornblower, Master and Commander, and Pirates of the Caribbean, Corsairs is designed for short campaigns or one shot adventures.

Designed from the ground up to capture the themes of adventure, shifting alliances, high action, chance, and danger, the rules for Corsairs are light and the resolution of challenges quick. Corsairs uses a D6 based game engine, with players rolling a number of skill dice and difficulty dice together to find a result. Characters can become Charmed or Cursed, may use Luck to help them in their adventures, and can help each other out.

Corsairs also includes guidelines and rules for taking to the skies in great sky ships: Each character may have a role on the ship, and together hunt down a quarry, engage the enemy sloop against ketch, gun deck against gun deck, and triumph through boarding action.

Corsairs is a 32 page zine, printed by a local printing company.

The Zine will be 32 pages, plus cover. The cover stock is 250gsm, the interior pages 100gsm, and the booklet is saddle stitched.

Corsairs includes full rules for game play, character creation, ship rules, equipment, stat blocks for a range of Scoundrels, a rules summary, character sheet, and ship sheet.

Corsairs uses an exploding D6 based rules system. When attempting a task a player will roll a number of skill dice, scoring a success for every 4+. Every 6 rolled allows a player to roll an additional die. The number of successes is called the ‘Draft’.

A player may also be required to roll Difficulty dice, difficulty dice do not explode like skill dice unless a character or situation is Cursed.

Characters may also be Charmed, use Luck points to gain bonuses or change some aspect of the game world, and run into Bad Luck, which is some twist or complication that will make life harder for the characters.

Characters will have positive and negative relationships with other members of the crew, and this impacts how characters can help each other.

Combat, like all tests, involves the players rolling all the dice. An enemy’s skill becomes the Difficulty dice a player will roll. Combat is straightforward, and quickly resolved, with damage tracked on the character sheet, alongside effects and how easy damage is to heal.

As a part of combat, characters may unleash a Verbal Barrage, which can be used to change initiative order and inflict damage on an enemy!

Corsairs also includes rules for ships, with guidelines detailing how a crew may locate and track down an enemy target, and rules for engaging in ship-to-ship combat. Ships may be damaged, destroyed, and repaired. There are rules for booty, and a simple system to mete out the costs of resupply and hand out pirate shares to the crew!

Corsairs also includes stat blocks for 11 different Scoundrels characters may meet, challenge, cheat, befriend, or battle.

Sprinkled throughout the Zine are small entries which provide insights and flavour for the setting of Corsairs, including the floating islands of the Molten Sea, the main island of Teboa, and more!

Included at the end of the Zine is a single page rules summary, the character sheet, and ship sheet.”

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