Commission Painting : Your Party (up to 5 characters with full background)


A traditional painting of your party, created specifically for you!  A3 size, hand-painted on artcard in acrylic.


A traditional painting of your party, created specifically for you!  A3 size on artcard, painted in acrylics (looks like oils, but allows faster working.)

When you buy this item, we will contact you to get a rough physical description of your characters and if you like, a particular scene or setting.  You can specify clothing styles, skin colour, hair, or just tell us a little about their personality, race and basic stats to work with, if you prefer.

You can also include a monster, an animal companion or a horse instead of a character.  (Drop us a line if you want a scene with more than five characters/monsters!)

Victoria will then sketch your characters and the scene, and send you an initial rough outline by email for your approval.  Once the initial sketch is approved by you, painting will begin, and you will be sent another photo for approval, usually within a week.  You then get a second chance to suggest any final changes before the painting is completed and sent to you.

Painting/sketching time for this item is from 2 weeks, if you can provide approval for the sketch / final version by email right away.  If you need to circulate sketches among your party for approval, that’s fine, but delays in approving the sketches will effect how long it takes to complete the painting and post it out.

You will receive the painting itself by post, along  a high quality final photo by email, suitable for creating your own prints or cards.