City of Brass, boxed supplement for D&D 3rd/3.5th edition


City of Brass, boxed supplement for D&D 3rd/3.5th edition, by Casey Christofferson, Scott Greene and Clark Peterson

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City of Brass, boxed supplement for D&D 3rd/3.5th edition, by Casey Christofferson, Scott Greene and Clark Peterson

“Journey to the Plane of Fire

Before you stretches a shattered plain of volcanic rock and swirling hot winds. In the distance, above a vast lake of fire, hovers your destination—the City of Brass! Its shining towers encircled in smoke and wrapped in flames rise from the great brass bowl on which the city is built, accessible only by a massive bridge of polished obsidian. Inside its gates resides the greatest storehouse of arcane knowledge and artifacts of power in all the planes of existence. It is there you hope to find the Codex of Infinite Planes, the long-lost key to the many dimensions.

Visit the Fabled City of the Efreet

The City of Brass is a setting supplement and mini-campaign that describes the legendary City of Brass and the planar nexus on which it resides in great detail, allowing exploration and interaction with the most famous city on all the planes and its conniving denizens. Contains numerous maps of the planar nexus and the City of Brass itself, as well as new artifacts of wondrous power and foes of great might and cunning.

Follow the Paths of the Prophet with 1001 Efreeti Nights: Tales of Brass

Follow in the footsteps of the prophet and square off against the might of the Burning Dervishes. Explore the City of the Dead Sultana and seek to plunder the vaults of an impregnable bank known as the Khizanah. Go toe to toe with the Titan Hezoid and attempt to claim his Maul for your very own. Outwit the Grand Vizier and you may just have a chance to cast down the Sultan of Efreet himself and claim the Throne of Brass for your very own!

Epic Adventures Await!

1001 Efreeti Nights: Tales of Brass consists of eight fully detailed areas of adventure. Each area of adventure is carefully balanced to lead characters from 12th to epic levels and may be used as stand alone locations in any campaign setting or run as a City of Brass Mega Campaign with the ultimate goal of challenging the Sultan of Efreet himself for dominion over the Plane of Molten Skies.

  • New relics to acquire for your characters which offer both awesome benefits and dreadful curses
  • Epic-level challenges to lead your character to greater glory. Dozens of carefully balanced new monsters to be used in any campaign
  • Areas of adventure may be dropped into any campaign setting, used as stand alone adventures, or run as a mega campaign for levels 12 to epic
  • Authored by industry-nominated, and industry-award-winning authors Casey W. Christofferson, and Scott Greene
  • From the creators of Tome of Horrors I and Tome of Horrors II
  • Cover by multi-award winning illustrator Rick Sardinha, who has worked for Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, New Line Cinema, and many others.

A d20 sourcebook and mini-campaign for 4 or more characters of 10th to 18th level and higher.”

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