Champions: New Millennium, softback roleplaying game


Champions: New Millennium, softback roleplaying game

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Champions: New Millennium, softback roleplaying game

“Last Issue, Everybody DIED. Who will save the world NOW?

A major cataclysm has shaken the very foundations of our universe, utterly destroying the mighty heroes who once protected humanity. The old Champions are gone, but from the ashes of their annihilation, their enemies have arisen to threaten a helpless world. Dr. Destroyer. Black Paladin. Mechanon. Eurostar. They were almost too much for the old crew to handle. now they’re back, bigger and badder than ever, and nothing is standing between them and complete and total world domination.

Nothing, that is, except you.

Are you ready to assume the awesome responsibility that goes with your newfound and unearthly powers? Are YOU tough enough to stop a new generation of superpowered villains?

You’d better be, because no one else can.

Champions: The New Millennium. The most popular superheroic adventure game of all time just got better. Inside these covers, you’ll find everything you need for dynamic super-heroic roleplaying, including:

  • 16 pages of full-colour, maximum-voltage comic-book action set in the world of the New Millennium – an exciting, story-driven setting created especially for heroic adventures – just add characters and go!
  • Fuzion – a complete, 4th Edition Champions-compatible rules system customised for New Millennium that lets you create the superhero you want to create, the way you want, as well as super-powered weapons, martial arts and vehicles!
  • Complete character write-ups for the New Champions and their new, high-powered adversaries!
  • History, organisations, origins, special effects, Bay City and MORE!

Welcome to the New Millennium. Hope you survive.”

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