Castles & Ruins, softback sourcebook for Rolemaster


Castles & Ruins, softback sourcebook for Rolemaster

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Castles & Ruins, softback sourcebook for Rolemaster

“Lord Rel had done what no others thought possible. He convinced the master stonemasons of Grendh and Treiskand’s virtuoso wood-shapers to work with him on the construction of his stronghold. His citadel would be the bastion for the region’s defense against the encroaching hordes. The black bird on the window sill, studied him as he sat deep in thought. Rel noticed the bird. Ravenrock. Yes, Ravenrock would be strong…
Inside this sourcebook, you will find details on the history of castles, the construction of castles, the folk who dwell in and around castles, as well as how castles age to become ruins.

In Castles & Ruins you get:

  • Many new Training Packages that represent the vocations and lifestyles of the folk around castles.
  • A new kind of spell list in Rolemaster: Training Package Spell Lists. These spell lists only become available through training packages.
  • Details on the processes used in castle construction (finding sites, materials, labor, etc.). Guidelines on costs are also provided.
  • Details on staffing of castles as well as notes about the day-to-day operations of these bastions of power.
  • Guidelines on how castles age, becoming ruins. These ruins and other structures are often the sites of of lost treasure and many adventures.”

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