Car Wars Deluxe Edition, boxed wargame


Car Wars Deluxe Edition, boxed wargame

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Car Wars Deluxe Edition, boxed wargame

“On the highways of the future, the right of way goes to…the biggest guns!

He triggered the rocket-launcher again. A direct hit! The blue car skidded as the driver lost control – then flipped and caught fire. That would teach HIM not to tailgate…

Car Wars is the game of combat on the freeways. Choose your vehicle – complete with weapons, armour, power plant, suspension and even body style. Then take it out on the road. You’ll come home an “ace” – or you’ll crash and burn. If you survive, your abilities will improve, and you can accumulate money to buy bigger and better cars. Advanced rules let you design your own cars, cycles, three-wheelers, vans, trucks, 18-wheel tractor-trailer rigs, and helicopters!

Car Wars – Deluxe Edition includes a 64-page rulebook (NEAR MINT condition) for building, arming, and driving your own vehicles; full combat rules, including an introductory “quick start” version; and all the skills you need to create your own “autoduellist” character. Here are all the rules from the original Car Wars minigame and the first two supplements, newly edited and reorganised, plus sections on off-road travel, speeding and more!

Car Wars – Deluxe Edition also gives you 300 full-colour counters (MOST UNCUT), a giant 32″ × 42″ map of the fortress town of Midville (VERY GOOD), a 21″ × 32″ map of a fortified truck stop of 2040 (VERY GOOD), improved road sections (straight and curved) (VERY GOOD), two “turning keys” (ONLY ONE PRESENT) that make manoeuvring easy, and a 4″ x 7″ ziplock bag for counters PRESENT).

Car Wars has been named to the “Ten Best Games of the Year” by Omni Magazine. It won the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Game, and has several times made the Games Magazine “Games 100″ list!”



The box is in GOOD condition.


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