Bushido (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game

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Bushido (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game, by Paul Hume and Bob Charrette

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Bushido (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game, by Paul Hume and Bob Charrette

“The night was dark and the road deserted, as a lone traveller moved toward the lights of the village lower on the mountainside. He was Tokasi Benkai, samurai and warrior. Gold glinted form the fittings of his katana.

The woods hid their shadows. They were bandits, and hungry. They were also five to his one. They attacked.

The first went down as the samurai made his lai draw. The second fell under a pear-splitting stroke of the katana. The third and fourth were more cautious, but also were sent onward by the warrior’s flashing sword. Tokasi flicked the blood from his blade and turned to face the last.

The bandit was also a swordsman, as could be seen by his stance. Tokasi knew that this man would not be an easy victory. But if it was his karma to die this night, Tokasi would meet death true to his code of…


Bushido is a role-playing game wherein players take the parts of characters of varying professions in the world of Nippon, the Japan of Legend. Play proceeds through interaction with the rules and with the Gamemaster, who functions as a moderator. Adventures are organised by the Gamemaster, who plays the parts of all beings encountered by the players’ characters. With these rules you can adventure in the heroic past of Japan, the mythic Japan of popular stories or the fantastic Japan of the old tales and legends. The choice and enjoyment are yours.”



  • The Heroes of Nippon (players’ book) – VERY GOOD condition
  • The Land of Nippon (gamemaster’s book) – VERY GOOD
  • Map of Nippon – NEAR MINT
  • GM’s screen – NEAR MINT
  • Character sheet template and calendar – NEAR MINT

The box itself is in FAIR condition.

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