Brave New World (1st edition), hardback roleplaying game


Brave New World (1st edition), hardback roleplaying game

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Brave New World (1st edition), hardback roleplaying game

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what your country could do TO you.”

America, once the last true bastion of freedom on the face of the planet, is now ruled under martial law. It’s been that way since First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was brutally assassinated by a devastating band of superpowered terrorists during an attack on her husband’s motorcade in 1963.

From that fateful day forward, the United States has been a nation ruled by fear. Government agents haul people out of their homes and into jail, searching for more of these superpowered people – these deltas – and force them to either join the government forces or rot in jail.

The last chance for justice in the world lies in the hands of the few, proud rebels collectively known as the Defiance. These stalwart heroes live on the run from a government prepared to hunt them to the ends of the earth, yet they steadfastly refuse to give up their desperate battle for freedom.

The American dream is dead.

Welcome to the American nightmare.

The thing most people are scared of is you.”

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