Boot Hill 3rd Edition, softback roleplaying game


Boot Hill 3rd Edition, softback roleplaying game

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Boot Hill 3rd Edition, softback roleplaying game

“Two rows of unpainted wooden buildings face each other across the wide, dirt street. A signboard creaks mournfully in the hot wind. Down this track rides a lone figure, tired but alert. His boots, hat, and buckskin jacket are layered with dust. But the ivory-handled revolver on his hip is spotless and cool. Neither a beacon nor a threat, it’s simply there, a part of the man.

Drift back to the days of cattle drives, dance halls, range wars, and gunslingers. The BOOT HULL Wild West Role-Playing Game lets you relive the grand adventure of the American Frontier. It’s a wide open land where a man with strength, determination, and courage can carve a place for himself.

This 3rd edition of the classic BOOT HILL game is thoroughly revised and updated. It includes:

  • Fully rounded characters with over 60 skills to choose from;
  • Revised rules for shootouts and fistfights emphasising quick thinking and quick action;
  • Extensive campaign guidelines plus historical background and a timeline of the Old West;
  • Two historical gunfight scenarios plus numerous short adventures;
  • Fold-out maps of Promise City and the surrounding territory.”



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