Blood Bowl 3rd Edition, boxed board game


Blood Bowl 3rd Edition, boxed board game

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Blood Bowl 3rd Edition, boxed board game

“The Game of Fantasy Football

This box contains everything you need to start playing Blood Bowl, including a colourful playing field, special dice, a plastic range rule, and the Blood Bowl Handbook which not only contains all the rules to the game but also tells you everything you need to know about the gory history of the sport of Blood Bowl.

To start you off in your career as a top Blood Bowl coach we have included 24 superbly detailed Citadel Miniatures which make up two complete Blood Bowl teams – the brutal Gouged Eye Orcs and the valiant Reikland Reavers humans.

This box contains:

  • Playing field (NEAR MINT)
  • 12 plastic Orc players (MINT and still attached to sprue)
  • 12 plastic Human players (MINT and still attached to sprue)
  • 4 plastic footballs
  • Blood Bowl Handbook (VERY GOOD)
  • The Blood Bowl Painting Guide (NEAR MINT)
  • How To Play Blood Bowl Guide (VERY GOOD)
  • 50 sheet pad of Team Rosters (46 remaining)
  • 2 Team Cards (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 4 Star Player Cards (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 2 colour dugouts (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 37 colour counters (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 1 scatter template (MINT)
  • 1 throw-in template (MINT)
  • 1 range ruler (MINT)
  • 2 six-sided dice (PRESENT)
  • 1 eight-sided dice (PRESENT)
  • 3 special blocking dice. (PRESENT)”


The box itself is in FAIR condition. There is also a sheet of transfers so that you can apply shirt numbers to your players.

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