Blizzard Pass (M1), softback solo adventure for Basic D&D


Blizzard Pass (M1), softback solo adventure for Basic D&D, by David Cook

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Blizzard Pass (M1), softback solo adventure for Basic D&D, by David Cook

Group Play Level 1-3

The storm sweeps off the mountaintops without warning, as if conjured by some supernatural power. Within minutes, huge drifts of snow have halted the caravan, and the snow falls so hard it is impossible to see more than five feet. You huddle next to the sledge, trying to shelter your numb face from the icy winds.

A dozen half-human forms march into view out of the raging blizzard. The little man-things carry wooden spears or long, unsheathed swords in bony, gnarled hands. Their blood-red eyes quickly fall upon your sledge and the ugly creatures turn toward your hiding place.

Will you survive to uncover the secret of Blizzard Pass?

This module contains all you need to solve the riddle of Blizzard Pass, including 14 maps, an invisible ink marking pen, a complete solo adventure, a pre-rolled character, and an outline for group play!”



Unfortunately, this copy (like most copies I’ve seen) is missing the invisible ink pen. The module has also been played – the pen has  been used on the invisible ink sections. Apart from the missing pen and the inked sections, the module is in VERY GOOD condition.

Apparently if you have a UV light, you can use this instead of an invisible ink pen! Alternatively, Benedict Lnu and Paul Viveiros have produced this interactive online version.

You’ll sometimes see this module referred to as MSOLO1. This is to avoid confusion with adventure M1 Into the Maelstrom, which came out somewhat later. However, MSOLO1 was never really used for this adventure, which was only ever officially M1.

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