BESM Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game


BESM Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game

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BESM Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game

“Enjoy Anime in a Brand new Way!

Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a roleplaying game inspired by the best of Japanese animation and manga. Whether your preference runs toward comedy or drama, fantasy or science fiction, horror or romance, shojo or shonen, BESM has everything you need to make your favorite genres come to life. A multiverse of limitless wonder and adventure lies within, good otaku and otome. Make it your own.

Roleplaying in the Fantastic World of Anime

BESM is a complete roleplaying game featuring:

  • An easy to understand system of play that’s customizable for different genre styles
  • Over 40 easy to use character templates, ranging from Magical Girl to Samurai
  • A complete setting, the Anime Multiverse, compatible to all types of gameplay
  • An in-depth guide to the birthplace of anime, Japan
  • Full-colour anime-styled illustration.”

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