BESM Dungeon, softback supplement for BESM


BESM Dungeon, softback supplement for BESM

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BESM Dungeon, softback supplement for BESM

“A long time ago, Priests of Light trapped an evil Power beneath a sacred mountain. The priests built an elaborate church monastery and castle to contain it, but it was not to last. Driven by greed, a Dragon Lord besieged the castle to claim its riches for himself. As the blood of the slaughtered victims stained the altars crimson, the last remaining priestess denied her faith and called upon wicked forces to deny the castle to the usurper. The castle disappeared in the moonlight, and reappears every 28 days, filled with foul beasts and mocking laughter.

BESM: Dungeon puts an anime spin on the traditional super-dungeon for the popular Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG. Six levels of mayhem, packed with a multitude of bizarre NPCs and hideous monsters. An homage to anime-style video games and classic dungeon hack role-playing, BESM: Dungeon is a light-hearted, level-up adventure for brave knights, cat-girl priests, and Elven mages.”

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