Beneath collection (in four volumes), softback OSR supplements / adventures for any fantasy RPG


Beneath collection (in four volumes), softback OSR supplements / adventures for any fantasy RPG, by Justin Sirois

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Beneath collection (in four volumes), softback OSR supplements / adventures for any fantasy RPG, by Justin Sirois


What you get:

  • Beneath: The Inverted Church
  • Beneath Player’s Handbook 2.0
  • Pleasures and Pestilence
  • The Spire and the Sound


How is Beneath different from other RPG adventures?

“Beneath has a unique tension. Players can voluntarily enter The Invert, a parallel world of pleasure created for one purpose: unite all races and classes into one perfect race that can be controlled. The hitch is, players have not been invited into The Invert. Instead, players invade.

Inside, they are healed a certain amount of hit points per successful attack, but they face heinous beasts. Additionally, players can only bring special items into The Invert—anything other than “stained salt” magic items cannot pass through the portal. Players could enter naked and most likely die.

Adding to the tension is the fact that a friend has been pulled into The Invert. And that friend needs stained salt items to survive. The party must decide if giving their friend these magic items is worth it, as the party needs these items just as badly.

Beneath also has a stress management system correlating to the environment players are in.”


Beneath: The Inverted Church

“Beneath ancient ruins lies the UnDungeon, a “paradise” of unspeakable horrors. The Inverted Cupid, a demon of great power, is luring the local townspeople of CragLeee into the UnDungeon to create a master race of “…one race, one sex, one tongue”. Only a band of brave adventurers can stop it.

Follow Hannah, a fighter and resident of CragLee, as she guides you deeper into the UnDungeon to find her lost brother. Treasure can be found if you are willing to seduce your way through mirrorDoors or witness the sexual atrocities inside The Invert.”


Beneath Player’s Handbook 2.0

“This guide lists weapons, has an index of CragLee, illustrates and explains enemies from The Inverted Church, and has a 50 page side quest full of loot and insane NPCs. The random dungeon generator on the back of the book mimics the Dungeon Dealer card system. This is a key mechanic in the side quest. All maps match 24″x30″ dry erase mats and/or the Dungeon Dealer tiles/walls. The side quest, Siblings of the Sea, is a brutal crypt crawl where you’ll meet Heinrich, the Bastard Giant and Val, the Necrophile. Horror and treasure awaits.”


Pleasures and Pestilence

“A system-neutral monster manual for tabletop roleplaying games.”


The Spire and the Sound

“Salt of the stars and salt of the earth — the critically acclaimed series is back! The armies of Seven Walls and the armies of Leaf have set their weapons aside — mid-battle — and cast off their armor and clothes. They walk hand-in-hand, naked, laughing, as friends, into the UnDungeon. Hannah has been captured. Now Baron Lennox beckons for you to return from your dark decent, rewarding you with The Perseverance [a tavern]. Beneath book 2 begins.

Players will venture back to CragLee to claim the rewards they earned from book 1, including The Perseverance (a large tavern). Your party will even manage a “character sheet” specifically made for The Perseverance: name a bar manager, track profits, store items, and customize the property.

Players will also meet Emily, a “Game Witch” who will share Hannah’s secret and also provide valuable support throughout the second half of the campaign. She can take an apprentice and teach them to imbue animal and human organs with powerful magic.

Horrors compound as the party returns to the UnDungeon and “The Vert” to face the more inverted abominations. Player’s decisions affect the outcomes of Hannah and many of the townspeople who have been seduced by the Inverted Cupid. Players will discover what The Invert actually is–a living, breathing cultural catalyst (a “Vert”) summoned with only the best intentions.”

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