Bears’ Den, softback adventure for Twilight: 2000


Bears’ Den, softback adventure for Twilight: 2000

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Bears’ Den, softback adventure for Twilight: 2000

“I’d always thought that when I finally got to the Soviet Union, it would on a recon for some massive NATO force. Well, there aren’t any of those now, and here I am.

I thought it would look different, smell bad or something, but I didn’t even know we were there until sarge said, “Welcome to the bear’s den, lads. This is the Ukraine. Look alive!” He laughed and spat out the piece of burlap he had been chewing on. Nobody else was crazy enough to try making their way through this blizzard.

In Bear’s Den, expatriate Soviet General Anton Chelkov battles to control Lvov and the surrounding area. The 27th NATO Division is approaching through the Carpathian Mountains to the south, and partisans attack from every direction. Chelkov desperately needs fuel and food to weather the winter assault, but he remains confident. Hidden in his castle in Olesko is a Scud B nuclear missile.

Information presented in this module includes:

  • Source material and maps for the Southern Soviet Union, Lvov, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Transcarpathian region.
  • Information on winter equipment, including dogsleds, snowmobiles, and ski-troops.
  • Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and operation instructions for the Scud B missile and the MAZ-543B launcher/erector vehicle.

Adventure in the icy steppes of the Soviet Union with Bear’s Den.”

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