Battlesuit, boxed wargame


Battlesuit, boxed wargame

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Battlesuit, boxed wargame

“One-Man Army

He can fly. He can leap over a building – or point his finger and destroy it. With his enhanced senses, he can spot a hidden foe a mile away,

Is he some super-powered defender of justice? Not exactly. He’s sudden death, and he believes in the cause he fights for…but there are five more just like him in his squad, and dozens back at HQ.

He’s an ordinary infantryman…in the year 2085.


Battlesuit is a sequel to the best-selling Ogre. But where Ogre tells the story of the supertanks of the far future, Battlesuit is man-to-man combat. Each unit represents a single fighting man in his powered armour. Extra-large counters are provided for four types of suit, four levels of damaged suit, and three types of drone. PANIC and JUMP chits are also included.

Six scenarios are provided, ranging from a “training” combat to full-scale battles. And – just as with the original Ogre game – you’ll soon be inventing your own scenarios.

Battlesuit introduces a new tactical system of mapping and movement. Either player may interrupt enemy movement with “reaction fire”. But if a unit doesn’t take its reaction fire soon enough, it may not get the chance – it’ll be dead!

Game components include 275 extra-large, double-sided unit counters; 24 pages of rules; 21″ x 32″ game map; ziplock bag for counter storage; and the plastic Pocket Box.”


All components are MINT (and all counters are UNCUT). The box is NEAR MINT.

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