A|State, hardback roleplaying game


A|State, hardback roleplaying game

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A|State, hardback roleplaying game

“A|state is the first release from new British RPG company Contested Ground Studios. The game itself is set in The City. Isolated from the outside world, it is a place riven by horrors, plagued by inhumanity and crushed under the weight of its own population. The City is a sepiatone world, lit by guttering gaslamps and flickering filaments. Rotting concrete towerblocks and dank brick tenements house the millions who work, live and die in The City. Ghostfighters, Lostfinders, Mudlarks and Flowghosts make their way along the winding streets and stinking canals. a|state is about hope in a dark place. About characters who bring hope to themselves, their families, their friends, even to the whole city.”

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