Arms Companion, softback supplement for Rolemaster


Arms Companion, softback supplement for Rolemaster

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Arms Companion, softback supplement for Rolemaster

“Arms Companion is the latest volume of optional material for Rolemaster. Its focus is the warrior—the sword-swinging, muscle-bound champion that so often saves the day and proves to be the backbone of the fantasy genre. The material in the Arms Companion will add versatility, depth, and even a few new abilities to this honorable (and, often, not-so-honorable) profession.

Arms Companion contains:
• New weapon attack tables and new critical strike tables.
• New options for combat maneuvers.
• Dozens of new skills.
• New weapons and equipment.
• New background options for fighters and thieves.
• Guidelines for new (non-spell user) groups and organizations that can effect a character’s development and background.
• Rules for customizing existing professions to fit character backgrounds and specializations.
• Rules for thieves, traps, and subterfuge.
• An entirely unique system for aiming blows and called shots, along with a system that allows characters to mix armour types.”

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