Amazing Encounters & Places, hardback supplement for D&D 5th edition


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Amazing Encounters & Places, hardback supplement for D&D 5th edition

“A 5e supplement with 56 encounters in 8 drop-in locations, overarching plots tying them together, and all supported by 64 maps.

This book can be used in several ways, all of them aimed at supporting you, the GM, in making your life easier so you can focus on what really matters: the characters and their stories. Below are a few examples on how the content can be used:

  • Introduce any of the locations as a whole to complement and speed up your worldbuilding
  • Introduce the locations in already-existing settings of the world’s greatest roleplaying game
  • Use the encounters independently when the party is exploring one of your own locations
  • Use the location with its overarching plot in order to run a whole adventure whenever you don’t have time to come up with your own adventure, or when you need filler content between sessions
  • Run a location and the overarching plot as a one-shot adventure
  • Use the content as inspiration to come up with your own content
  • Use it as base to run non-5e games, adapting the mechanical aspects of the content to your system

Amazing Encounters & Places will add fantastic experiences to your game and make the GM’s life easier. You get 8 locations, 56 encounters, and over 64 maps with over 300 versions. All encounters provide guidelines that allow you to adapt them to any of the Tiers of Play, making this content scalable from 1st-level to 20th-level!”

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