Air Cav – Helicopter Warfare in the Eighties, boxed war game


Air Cav – Helicopter Warfare in the Eighties, boxed war game

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Air Cav – Helicopter Warfare in the Eighties, boxed war game

“You are Air Cavalry Sierra Troop commander, flying towards the East German border. Scouts reported a Soviet tank battalion advancing in your sector; you must find and destroy it. Your OH-58C attack helicopter keeps low, avoiding the deadly radar-controlled Soviet ZSU-23 anti-air units. As you approach a ridge, the rest of your troop, five AH-1 Cobras armed with TWO anti-tank missiles, fans out in support. Your chopper rises above the ridge to check out the terrain ahead when suddenly…

“There they are!”

The Soviet armour column seems endless as it rolls toward the heart of West Germany.

“Tango Sierra, this is Sierra leader,” you shout into the radio. “Targets at two klicks, 110 degrees forward your position. Fire at will!”


Air Cav is a two-player game of modern and future tactical helicopter warfare that features a movement and combat system which promotes quick, exciting play. Air Cav accurately simulates the versatility, maneuverability and hard-hitting fighting power of modern combat helicopters.


Air Cav includes:

  • two 22″ by 34″ full-colour maps of Middle-Eastern and West German terrain (VERY GOOD condition)
  • 400 colourful, backprinted counters to represent individual helicopters, vehicles, squads and teams (Some PUNCHED, all seem to be present)
  • 12 page Standard Game rules and scenarios booklet (original copy not present, but photocopy included)
  • 28 page Advanced Game Rules, scenarios, charts and tables, background, player’s and designer’s notes booklet (VERY GOOD)
  • four 8.5″ x 11″ data cards (VERY GOOD)
  • one 20-sided die (NOT PRESENT)
  • plastic counter-tray with lock-on lid (PRESENT)”

The box itself is in VERY GOOD condition.

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