Afghanistan, softback supplement for d20 Modern


Afghanistan, softback supplement for d20 Modern

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Afghanistan, softback supplement for d20 Modern

“Long before war rocked its steepest mountains and destroyed its dreams, Afghanistan civilization had lasted for millennia, giving birth to philosophers, scholars, warriors and poets. Alexander the Great made its lands a central part of his empire, and Mongols, British, Russians and others have fought over its rough lands and stark beauty.

At the beginning of the 21st century, a new kind of war gripped this battle-scarred country. Troops from around the world arrived, pledging to capture the terrorists who called the land home and punish those who supported them. Native factions took advantage of the turmoil and shifting alliances to seize control, driving the Taliban from power and al Queda from its borders. Now Afghanistan stands poised for a new age, though one threatened by ancient feuds, terrorists, fanatics, desperate bandits, and greedy soldiers from both inside and outside the country.

Real-Life Roleplaying Afghanistan: d20 comes complete with everything an adventurous soul needs to battle terrorists or rebuild a destroyed nation, including:

  • D20 rules for using the most sophisticated modern weapons, ranging from Barrett sniper rifles to claymore mines to hellfire missiles;
  • Nine modern character classes, including Soldiers, Smugglers, Combat Medics, Officers and more;
  • Six prestige classes, ranging from Covert Agents to Spec Ops to Terrorist Cell Leaders;
  • More than 10 new skills, as well as dozens of news uses for existing ones;
  • Forty feats, including Nerves of Steel, Walking Fire, and Purgation;
  • A complete adventure ready to play; and
  • Optional uses of the setting, ranging from the distant past to the far future.”

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