A Game of Thrones – d20-based Open Gaming RPG (Sword & Sorcery), hardback role-playing game


A Game of Thrones – d20-based Open Gaming RPG (Sword & Sorcery), hardback role-playing game




A Game of Thrones – d20-based Open Gaming RPG (Sword & Sorcery), hardback role-playing game

“Countless readers have followed A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s masterful epic fantasy series. Now, the knights and nobles, politics and poisons, creatures of darkness and powers of blood of Westeros and beyond are yours to discover – and make your own.

An OGL Roleplaying Game and Reference Guide for A Game of Thrones:

  • This complete OGL rule book explores the setting of the best-selling fantasy series as never before, from the factious continent of Westeros to the exotic Free Cities to the expansive plains of the Dothraki Sea.
  • Includes dozens of customized character classes and prestige classes that capture the spirit of the setting, enhanced by the new social maneuvering rules of Influence and Reputation.
  • Provides a comprehensive encyclopedia of characters, places, houses, and alliances, with detailed insight on integrating the setting into your campaign.
  • Details the first novel in the series, A Game of Thrones, presenting a wealth of material about the dynamic and mysterious lands of the Seven Kingdoms. • Includes a pull out poster-sized map of Westeros.
  • Every fan of George R. R. Martin will want this comprehensive encyclopedia of his beloved series – even if they aren’t gamers.”



Note that although this is d20-based, you don’t need any other D&D books to play it – this is a complete RPG (and a very, very good one too). The rulebook is a 496-page full colour hardback, full of illustrations of events and characters from the books.

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