101 Vehicles, softback sourcebook for MegaTraveller


101 Vehicles, softback sourcebook for MegaTraveller

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101 Vehicles, softback sourcebook for MegaTraveller

“”Here under one cover are 101 different vehicles for use in MegaTraveller games. Every single vehicle comes with a detailed illustration, a description, and an official Universal Craft Profile. You will know what each vehicle can (and can’t) do, what the vehicle looks like, and whaí the vehicle costs.

If you’re just starting to design your own vehicles, this book has more than a hundred examples. If you already have several designs of your own, here are 101 more to add to your campaign.

Whether you’re a MegaTraveller player or a referee, 101 Vehicles gives you all the vehicles you need to travel insystem at higher tech levels. Vehicles include –

  • Military Vehicles: Designs ranging from the early Imperial Penetrator armored car to the latest Inquisitor and Lancer class special- purpose vehicles
  • Paramilitary Vehicles: Land, sea, and air vehicles, including the Gashedda submarine, the Vargr “floater”, and the IISS Kankurur survey G-carrier
  • Civilian Vehicles: Everything from the first automobile to the mobile undersea restaurant, the massive K’kree grav platform, theasteroid prospector’s bubble, the Hiver grav sled, the hypersonic grav passenger liner, and the Olympian shuttle.
  • Classic Vehicles: Designs from earlier Traveller works, fully updated and detailed for the times of the Shattered Imperium.
  • MegaTraveller Vehicles: Designs from the Imperial Encyclopedia and the Rebellion Sourcebook, including details on the top- secret Zhodani Z-80 and the Imperial Trepida grav tanks.
  • Alien Vehicles: Designs from a variety of major and minor races, demonstrating the different design philosophies they follow.
  • Design System Examples: Vehicles that show just how to use the MegaTraveller vehicle design system.
  • Vehicle Weaponry: New tables for use with vehicles, expanding your design options for armed craft.
  • Index: A complete index to all 101 vehicles.”

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