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11 Things To Do When You’re An Isolated Gamer



Don’t forget, because we’re online only, WE’RE STILL OPEN and ABLE TO SEND YOU YOUR ORDERS AS USUAL.


So you can’t go out, you can’t sit around the table with your gaming buddies, what can you do? Here are some suggestions.

1. Work on your next campaign. Do a bit of worldbuilding (maybe use World Anvil – tell them we sent you). Buy some background supplements from us.

2. Paint some miniatures. We’ve got plenty of minis in stock.

3. Learn how to paint. OK, maybe you’ve never learned how to paint miniatures. Now’s a brilliant time to start. The Adventurers and Monsters paint sets come with everything you need to get started (well almost – the Adventurers set comes with a brush; the Monsters set doesn’t – but we sell brushes too). And there are plenty of great tutorials on YouTube. This is a good video to start with.

4. Read a book. Don’t forget that we also stock a good range of fantasy and science fiction literature. We’re especially good for Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms novels. And then there’s our ‘Appendix N’ department. These are the books that Gary Gygax said were particularly inspirational for him (plus the odd later book in a similar vein). Some of these are hard to find nowadays.

5. Play a gamebook. A great form of solo gaming (and a gateway drug into roleplaying games for many of us). We have a large selection of Fighting Fantasy and other gamebooks.

6. Introduce your kids to roleplaying games. Now is the perfect time to get your kids started. How about the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set or Essentials Kit? Everything you need to start playing 5th edition D&D. Or if you’re feeling nostalgic, what about good old Basic D&D? (This is how I started, and I’m sure it’s how some of your started.) And if fantasy isn’t their thing and they’d prefer some deep space science fiction action, then what about the Traveller Starter Set?

7. Play a board game. Stuck in the house with just your immediate family? Why not play a new board game? Pandemic is the obvious suggestion, and we have both the standard version and the special 10th Anniversary Edition in stock.

Some other good isolation board game suggestions for the family. How about…

8. Roleplay remotely. Check out applications like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds (or even just use Skype) and play with your regular group using the wonders of internet technology.

9. Read up on your next RPG. Now’s a great time to buy a new roleplaying game and take the time to properly learn its systems and understand its world. Maybe a new RPG that you might have thought about briefly, but then didn’t invest in because you didn’t have the time to learn a new system or a new world. Here are some suggestions:

10. Just watch some telly. I highly recommend Secrets of Blackmoor – The True History of Dungeons & Dragons (look out for our name in the credits – we backed the kickstarter!) and Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons.

11. Do a D&D jigsaw puzzle. We have several in stock, featuring classic AD&D art.


Whatever you do, stay safe!